Ectaco Inc. selects SVOX TTS for eBook Readers and Language Learning Software

Ectaco, a provider of electronic handheld electronic
dictionaries and language learning products, has integrated SVOX’s
text-to-speech (TTS) solution for its new jetBook K-12 and jetBook K-12 Color
educational e-readers.

The new jetBook K-12 line of eBook readers offer voice
output from SVOX in English, Spanish, Czech, French, Polish, and Russian. This
model will be available on June 1 in the United States. The jetBook K-12 eBook
readers will be used in the U.S. education system to assist with language
learning, such as mastering reading skills and pronunciation.

“The ability to have texts read aloud, either for
personal or educational purposes, is a real step forward to help consumers
enjoy books and to enhance language learning for all ages,” said David
Lubinitsky, Ectaco’s CEO. “SVOX’s TTS solutions offer high-quality voice
output. Their low resource consumption means that we are not compromising the
performance of the devices. We’re excited to continue to work with SVOX to
further develop the speech capabilities on our e-readers and language learning
software offerings.”

“Ectaco’s wide range of eBook readers and translators
help a large number of students to improve their language skills. With the
addition of text-to-speech capabilities, users can interact with text in a new
way to facilitate learning,” said Martin Reber, CEO of SVOX. “As well
as the educational benefits, more and more consumers are enjoying using TTS on
their e-readers to enjoy their favorite novels read aloud. By adding TTS for
over 25 languages, users can listen to their e-readers in a natural-sounding
voice so that they can continue to enjoy their books, even while they’re busy
with other activities.”

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