ЕСТАСО: Ukrainian experiment – implementation of the electronic textbooks in school

The City of Kharkov is situated in the eastern part
of Ukraine (population of about 1.5 million people) is the first city in
Europe, where the american company ЕСТАСО together with Kharkov municipality and the Ministry education of
Ukraine launched one of the first experiments on the introduction of electronic
textbooks in the educational process.

Ukrainian experiment ECTACO

In accordance with the agreement, the Ectaco
provides schools in the use of electronic books model jetBook-Lite with the
already programmed textbooks for the 10th grade, artistic literature in
Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages. This model of the device for
reading known practical dimensions, reliability and significantly lower cost
than similar devices from other companies.

The Company Ectaco confident in the positive
results of his participation in the experiment and predicts similar projects in
other cities of the country. “Ukraine has always been and is for us
strategically important market. Therefore it is especially pleasant, that
Ukraine has become one of the first states in the world to launch such a
project. We are pleased to participate in this initiative of the kharkov city
council, because of innovation policy in terms of education and attraction of
companies and foreign technologies is always positive steps in the development
of society.” – commented the event the president of the company ЕСТАСО David Lubinitsky.

ECTACO Ads. www.ectaco.cz; www.ectaco.es;  www.ectaco.fr

e-mail: ceska@ectaco.com


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