ECTACO’s Multilingual talking electronic dictionary and phrasebook

Forget about paying for language lessons, books on tape or private instruction so you can learn to say “Where is the bathroom” in Russian. Now there’s a speaking portable pocket translator that will do all the work for you.

“How do you say…?” is a thing of the past, thanks to ECTACO’s Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook. This $599.95 speech-recognition tool will help you speak like a local in most languages. Well, assuming you have the intellect to speak the language properly.

There are thousands of voice activated phrases already inputted into the database, and a full text translator will allow you to interact with people in your target language without having to learn the language. The best part? It speaks (so you don’t have to)! All 14,000 voice-activated phrases are spoken in a real human voice to facilitate understanding and includes a massive human-voice talking dictionary.

The ECTACO Partner NTL-9c Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook also comes to help you find your way wherever your travels take you. Now you can practice conjugating your verbs while you travel! Your high school Spanish teacher would be so proud.

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ECTACO iTravl NTL-9C Deluxe

ECTACO iTravl NTL-9C Deluxe



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