jetBook K-12. The worlds first educational eBook reader.

We are proud to announce our brand new jetBook K-12 eReader designed for use in an educational setting. Our vision is a classroom without heavy textbooks, huge backpacks and notes scattered all over the place. The K-12 is the result of months of research and development and a ton of feedback from some of our current clients in the educational field (yes you guys will be getting a free one when it comes out  )

Some of my favorite highlights: (Most programs are interactive with speech recognition!!)
-SAT prep courses.
-Speed Reading Program.
-Language teaching programs.
-Interactive periodic table of elements.
-Multiple calculators (Graphing, Accounting, Loan, Scientific).
-C-Pen OCR. Scanning and translating text. (Included)

Other great features:
-Support for almost any format including Adobe DRM.
-50 State reading list.
-Bio, Geo, Earth Sci, Math Reference guide.
-Language translation features.
-Much more than i can list here…

What will the K-12 cost?: $399.95.

What about the price justification?:
-SAT Preparation course= $600 – $1,100
-Speed reading = $40 – $80 for software.
-Text translator = For an accurate one $99 per language. (free online software is very inaccurate.)
-Language teaching with Speech recognition = $350
-C-pen Scanner. OCR = $150
-Graphing Calculator = $70 – $110
-Accounting Calculator = $70 – $100
-Oxford talking dictionary = $170 – $200
-Electronic Flash cards = $50 per language.
-eBook reader with multilingual and multi format support = $50
– Spanish and English Grammar Course = $80 – $150.
-There are many more programs and multiple languages but I think I proved my point at a minimum.

Total = $1,729 – $2,389. And this is an underestimation.

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Alex.P :


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