ECTACO.CZ: jetBook Color EDU.12

Via Scoop.itJetBook K-12 Education eBook System ECTACO

The ECTACO jetBook Color eTextbook Tablet breaks through the educational market and offers students and teachers the ability to save money on books while providing unlimited teaching resources. The jetBook Color eTextbook Tablet is the world’s first to utilize eye-friendly color e-Ink technology in an eTextbook Tablet oriented solely towards education. Every unit has an individual connection to a Teacher’s Console. Teachers can restrict the download of any programs or content that is not related to the class, send students grades, exams, homework, and messages with the students being able to submit all those options as well. The main screen serves as an ID card for the student displaying a schedule of classes (updated daily via Wi-Fi or 3G), list of student’s and teacher’s notes, homework and classwork, and a designated channel for instant communication with any teacher. The same home screen will boast an application list based on student’s grade and classes with the following topics: My Library, eTextbooks in work, Classwork and Homework, Oxford Reading Support, Languages and Games, Science and Math. Subsections within these applications will aid students to be on top of their classwork and pair technology with the classroom creating a fully interactive and intellectually stimulating environment connected to worldwide educational resources.
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