ECTACO Partner EA900 Grand – English Arabic Talking Electronic Dictionary

Via Scoop.itJetBook K-12 Education eBook System ECTACO

With a massive 697,000 entry English Arabic Translating Dictionary, an easy to use 39 language translating Picture Dictionary, a complete English explanatorydictionary and Full Text Translation, the remarkable new EA900 Grand containseverything you need for superior translation and accurate communication.Exclusive User Dictionaries allow you to store your own personalized lists offrequently used words and a history function remembers your most recenttranslations to provide instant access to the information you need to understandand be understood.   Using theincluded Ectaco/C-pen Handheld Scanner you can grab any text wherever youfind it. Simply scan the text you want from any paper surface – a book,newspaper, doctor’s prescriptions or a poster on the wall and you will see thescanned text on the screen. You will then be able to upload it to ECTACOtranslator in order to get an instant translation of individual words. Inaddition, with the help of the included mini-USB to USB adapter and ECTACOsoftware (sold separately) you can use the Ectaco/C-Pen to import image data toyour desktop or laptop PC as well.   ECTACO Info.,


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