ECTACO Company | Our Mission.

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This is a bold mission statement. But it is the mission we at ECTACO, Inc. dedicate ourselves to every day. From our very beginnings, ECTACO has been about far more than just making electronic dictionaries available to consumers. It has been about making people’s lives better by giving them the opportunity to understand each other’s language, culture, and feelings. To live a better, more active life here in the United States and to travel abroad with confidence; to learn new languages, to teach them, to speak, understand and to be understood. This commitment to our customers drives everything we do. We have created a wide range of proprietary technologies, which allow anyone to start learning a new language from the alphabet up, on to mastering their pronunciation to remove any trace of a foreign accent with our Crystal Clear Accent Remover. Needless to say, we continue to refine, add and improve on those features most important to our consumers. Our latest products help US troops to communicate with the people of free Iraq, medical professionals from ER to collect the data for preliminary diagnosis from non-English speaking patients, and to assist frequent travelers in getting the most out of the countries they travel to. We do all these things and much more because at ECTACO we are dedicated to the simple premise that our customers deserve the best possible – and most valuable – language experience available anywhere.
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