ECTACO info: The world’s first color electronic textbook Jetbook Color ECTACO

Via Scoop.itJetBook K-12 Education eBook System ECTACO

In fact started a new era in the field of development education. As the timewhen the Soviet Union launched the first space of the first cosmonaut, and thecompany ЕСТАСО made the first step in completely uncharted territory – in the area of school education, has developed THE WORLD’s FIRST full-length electronic textbook for schools Jetbook Color, executed on the basis of the technology of color e-paper (Color E-Ink).   Device weight 554 grams replaces traditional school textbooks, journals, dictionaries and many school accessories. Jetbook Color enable the students to communicate with teachers, view schedule, homework, read electronic books, learn languages. One of the major differences Jetbook Color from its competitors is the colour’s 9.7-inch screen, visually close to the standard of school textbooks.   The device contains: a course of preparation for the unified state examination, a set of training manuals for the 6th grade of secondary school, handbooks mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geography, an interactive course on the history of Russia, interactive Periodic table, a set of books for home reading, graphing and scientific calculators, Oxford dictionary with pronunciation, recorded by professional presenters who are native speakers of the language training course quick reading, linguistic crossword puzzles and much more. (The total number of textbooks – 65)   The characteristics of the electronic textbook Jetbook Color: – Color touch-screen E-Ink diagonal 25 cm (9,68 inches); – Screen resolution: 1600×1200 pixels; – Processor speed: 800 Mhz; – Virtual keyboard; – Support for basic graphics, text, audio and video formats; – Supports microSD memory cards up to 32 Gb; – Support for WiFi, 3G model (optional); – Availability of USB 2.0 ports; – Plastic housing, rubberized on the back cover; – Ability to determine the location of the student with the help of chip GPS.   The electronic textbook is connected with the teacher’s console, through which the teacher can block the loading of applications, not connected with educational process, to test the knowledge of a student remotely and at work in the classroom.   ECTACO Info,,
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