ECTACO Partner DF900 Grand – French German Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook with Handheld Scanner

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Learning a language has never been this easy or portable before now! Simply put, you can learn an ENTIRE LANGUAGE with the help of the Partner DF900 or you can have it talk for you. The Language Teacher program provides language learning to the fullest, and will have you speaking in no time no matter what your level of experience is. Speech recognition and speech to speech translation modules will listen to your pronunciation of foreign words, phrases, and dialogues, giving you feedback along the way. More than 5 language games and programs will ensure learning is not only interactive but fun. Don’t have time to learn? Well, then start communicating now! Voice activated phrases will allow you to interact with people in your target language without having to learn it. All 14,000 voice-activated phrases are spoken in a real human voice to facilitate understanding and includes a massive human-voice talking dictionary. A full electronic translator, physical keyboard and touchscreen make the Partner P900 not only sophisticated but also extremely easy to use. LearningFeatures The speciallydesigned Language Teacher is your on-the-go personal tutor. Anywhere andanytime, just launch the interactive program to begin learning the Alphabet,Words, Phrases, and Dialogues step by step. You can pause and then continue fromwhere you left off as you please. AudioPhrasebook The greatest resourceout there for letting people know exactly what you want, whenever you want it!Loaded with 14,000 pre-programmed phrases, just select a topic, say a phrase,and the device will find it for you instantly. You can even browse topics andchoose what you want to say to have it pronounced fluently for you in German orFrench. GPS around theWorld All GRAND models nowhave a GPS module attached to help you find your way wherever your travels takeyou! The module comes pre-loaded with US and Canada maps. C-Pen Scanning Using the includedEctaco/C-pen Handheld Scanner you can now translate things you never dreamedpossible as easy as grabbing an entire text wherever you find it. Simply scan aword or a phrase from any surface – a book, newspaper, doctor’s prescriptions ora poster on the wall – upload it and get an instant translation. In addition,with the help of the included mini-USB to USB adapter and ECTACO software (soldseparately) you can use the Ectaco/C-Pen to import image data to your desktop orlaptop PC as well. Loaded WithExtras The DF900 Grandoffers the most sought-after extras to make every trip you take more enjoyable.The included jetBook Reader lets you read and translate your favorite e-Books. Abuilt-in voice recorder lets you record conversations and audio notes and arobust audio player with mp3 support lets you listen to your favorite mediafiles and AudioBooks. World Time clock, Metric Conversion, and a Calculator keepyou organized while saving you time and money. CompleteSupport Easy to navigate andastonishingly responsive, the customizable and intuitive Windows CE poweredinterface offers instant access to the information you need quickly, easily anddependably. A Smart Virtual Keyboard with Audio interface and layout for bothlanguages complete the built-in support that makes the DF900 Grand differentfrom all the rest. Largest Dictionaryand Picture Dictionary in the World Find ANY word youmight be looking for here in the dictionary. You get the translation, part ofspeech, synonyms, gender information, examples, and more. If you need an evenbetter reference, the Picture Dictionary will not only give you the translationbut also a corresponding picture to help you remember words faster than everbefore. Both Dictionaries have fluent human-voice pronunciation for every word.,  
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