ECTACO.CZ |English – Armenian electronic dictionaries.

Via Scoop.itElectronic dictionary

ECTACO.CZ | Armenian – English electronic dictionaries.   Absolutely unique in the world of
handheld language and travel assistants iTRAVL includes everything the business
or leisure traveler needs to make visiting foreign destinations an enjoyable and
easily navigated experience. Loaded with a full range of the most useful
communication tools. By simply speaking into the iTRAVL, you can have your
phrases instantly translated and spoken aloud using a sophisticated combination
of speech recognition modules, real human voice narration and speech synthesis.
Helping you to enjoy sightseeing more, meet new friends and deal with
emergencies, it is loaded with a full range of the most advanced language
management tools ever combined and includes iHELP which lets you immediately
access a list of emergency or most frequently used phrases instantly. Thanks to
its remarkable Speech Recognition modules all you have to do is pronounce a
voice tag and iTRAVL will speak the phrase immediately. A real life


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