Bison.Com | Strength training equipment

Via Scoop.itECTACO Info: Travel and understand

Bison-1 is already used by professional athletes and average people around the world, and is now finally coming to the United States. This forearm equipment is strongly recommended by athletes for all types of sports where arm and hand strength are important (see Testimonials). Due to its three-dimensional movement Bison-1 is able to stress even the deeper muscles of forearms; with 100,000 exercises it is up to each individual to choose the exact muscles and functional wrist movements to work on. Due to the same three-dimensional movement ability of the exerciser it is able to mimic almost all of the hand motions used in sports: jiu-jitsu gripping and holding, MMA punching, baseball pitching, climbing, swimming, tennis racket twists, golf trajectory development, football passing…etc. The number of variations is practically unlimited due to numerous degrees of freedom of the device spherical elements and it’s further multiplied by: • plane of rotation (frontal plane, horizontal plane, vertical plane) • position with respect to the body – behind, in front, and the side • different vertical levels – above the head, at the head level, chest level, waist level • position of palms on the handles • in combination with arm and body movements


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