ECTACO Info | Educational eReader Review: ECTACO jetBook K-12

Via Scoop.itJetBook K-12 Education eBook System ECTACO

With a son in high school and a daughter in college, I am well aware of all of the gadgets and reference books that are needed for our children to be prepared for tests and projects as they get older. When my kids were little, all I needed to worry about was their lunchbox and maybe a package of crayons or markers. Now that they are older, we need to provide a dictionary in both English and their language of choice, a variety of reference books, a graphing calculator, and books that will help them do research and prepare for projects and SATs. Both my kids have ADHD/ADD which means it can be difficult for them to focus. Both kids find it helpful to be “plugged in” while working because it helps them concentrate. It’s even written into my son’s 504 plan that he can use music to help him concentrate on tests and assignments in class.Classrooms aren’t the same as they were when I was growing up. Now, being online is required in many cases and having access to reference books and information   is a necessity. The hours our library is open are so limited that I often just can’t get there when I’m available. The ECTACO jetBook K-12 educational eBook system is a specialized eBook reader that helps stimulate students’ interest in reading and learning. Students find it much easier to interact with an electronic device than flip through pages in a book or hunt through stacks of references in the library. Not only does the jetBook K-12 hold their interest more, it gives them access to a much larger selection of books than they might find available in their library.   ECTACO Info,,,


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