ECTACO JetBook Color: JetBook Color Gets Custom Fitted for the US Department of Defense

Via Scoop.itJetBook K-12 Education eBook System ECTACO

The most secure eBook Reader developed exclusively for government entities


Long Island City, NY April 03, 2012


Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in portable translation technology, has tailored its education oriented jetBook Color with exceptional security features for the Department of Defense. These features are designed to eliminate access to the device by anyone other than the specified user, and promote a complete standalone unit safe for travel and use within the DoD.


The jetBook Color is the only touchscreen Color E Ink eBook Reader in the world. It’s also the only one that promotes the idea of “healthy reading” by using ambient light to produce color. The most important part of the DoD project was to customize the security features making the unit completely impenetrable by third party access and applications. By eliminating the WiFi option, microphone, and a few other features, the device becomes solely accessible by the user only. An additional partition was added as a security measure that disallows the transfer of any documents on the jetBook Color to any other device – meaning that anything on the unit cannot be taken off the unit unless deleted. This ensures that confidential documents stay in their rightful place. The features added were based on special request as the iPad and other Android devices were not capable of providing such safety measures.



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