ECTACO.CZ | Dictionary Series iTravl NTL Deluxe.

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ECTACO. Dictionary Series iTravl NTL Deluxe.


ECTACO, Inc. is happy to present our latest release in the award-winning iTRAVL series – the ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe voice activated language communicator that comes equipped with a handy scanner for superior text translation. This unique add-on lets you grab any printed text wherever you find it – in a newspaper, on a theatre program, a doctor’s prescription or even from a poster on the wall – scan it, upload it to the iTRAVL instantly, and get a translation into your chosen language right away!

The Deluxe Edition special features include:

– The handheld ECTACO C-Pen portable scanner and translator for prompt text and words translation.

– iTRAVL Universal desktop cradle for data exchange with PC, battery charging and ECTACO C-Pen connection.

– Hands-free/Eyes-free Mobile Infotainment System for language learning in the car, on the train, or on the go.

– Linguistic Crossword program – the best in linguistic science – our language learning variation of the world-renowned crossword puzzle.

– Smart AudioKeyboard™ program helps you memorize foreign letters, listen to their sound as you type them without the need for a stylus – just use your fingers and select!

– Bi-directional, CES Award winning Language Teacher program based on our proprietary speech recognition and speech analysis technology.


Perfect for anyone who wants to speak a foreign language with little or no experience, the new iTRAVL understands exactly what you say and provides an instant translation of words and phrases. By simply speaking into the iTRAVL, you can have your phrases translated and spoken aloud using a sophisticated combination of speech recognition modules, real human voice narration and speech synthesis. Featuring a hi-res color touch screen and hands-free speech navigation functionality, it has never been so easy to access the information you need.,

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