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Ectaco maintains a team of highly  qualified developers, programmers, linguists, designers and professionally trained narrators to create its unique collection of language management,  multidirectional translation and advanced speech technologies. Involved with  every detail of product creation, from the underlying system architecture to the design of the handsets, they are responsible for the success and exceptional usability of Ectaco products. Recruiting the latest graduates from the most prestigious institutes and universities around the world, Ectaco has gathered  together an unbeatable team. Together they have been responsible for some of the  most important developments in portable electronic translation and speech  recognition in the world. Using their combined energy to create language  management solutions for both government agencies and consumers alike, their objective is to make world languages understandable – quickly, easily, and  effectively.

Some of their achievements include:

Improvement of Speech Recognition (SR)  technology for use in speech-to-speech translation environments. Ectaco is at  the forefront of this fast-developing field of vocal commands delivered to  computing devices and have included it in a large portion of our most advanced
products. Ectaco created its own unique recognition engine and after its initial release was put under contract by the US Department of Defense to develop the technology to support overseas missions. Currently available for 22 languages, the technology can be built-in to almost any electronic device opening the way for a fully integrated human/machine interface. Text-To-Speech (TTS) speech synthesis is
available across nearly the full-range of Ectaco devices. The latest TTS Synthesis allows the pronunciation of any word, phrase, number or letter written in a language understandable by the system. Ectaco developments and improvements to this cutting-edge technology include new language combinations, real-time synthesis, natural tone quality, and expanded database functionality. Currently TTS capabilities are available for 17 languages. Machine translation (MT) is the use of  computers in translating complete texts from one language to another. Currently Ectaco has made full-text Machine Translation available for 7 languages and numerous platforms. These advanced text-through translation systems allow users to receive bi-directional translation between English and one of 7 popular languages. The latest MT engines deliver clear, cohesive, readable texts that  require little or no editing and are able to accept text input from a variety of  sources and methods.

Ectaco innovations have received numerous
nominations, awards and honors including:

Winner – ECTACO iTRAVL NTL series wins the Innovations Design and Engineering Award 2008  from the Consumer Electronics Association (CES).

Winner –  LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC – Best Text and  Reference Multilingual Dictionaries from ‘SmartPhone & Pocket PC’ magazine.

Nominee –  LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC – Best Text and  Reference Multilingual Dictionaries from ‘SmartPhone & Pocket PC’ magazine.

Nominee –  LingvoSoft Suites 2006 – Best Educational Software from ‘SmartPhone & Pocket  PC’ magazine.

Winner –  Language Teacher ER586HT Partner – Design and Engineering Showcase Award at CES,  the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.


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