Ectaco/C-Pen 3.5: Scanner for Google Nexus 7 | ECTACO: eBook Readers & Translators

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ECTACO/C-Pen 3.5 Bluetooth scanner:


Interesting news for the brand new Nexus 7 that will benefit from Ectaco/C-Pen 3.5 . For those who do not know, C-Pen is an OCR scanner that can scan and transfer texts from magazines, newspapers and documents, in your device as a digital .Moreover, with the specific software made available by Ectaco, you can translate scanned text into different languages, according to your needs.Ectaco C-Pen Scanner 3.5 is the new type OCR (optical character recognition) that can read and transform the physical text in digital form.This tablet is available from Google Nexus 7.

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