ECTACO Info | Electronic textbooks in schools in Russia: Results of the Year

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Probably many have heard that a number of Russian schools conducted an experiment on introduction of electronic readers to replace paper books. The experiment involved 38 schools in nine regions of the country. Why do it than not to have pleased a simple book to which we have become accustomed?

The explanation is simple. Now the average student carries a 5-6 books every day, and about 3 pounds of weight. Throw in another notebook, diary, any pens / pencils – and get is 4 and a half pounds. It’s pretty impressive weight, which can adversely affect the health of schoolchildren, namely cause scoliosis. Previously, there was nothing to replace textbooks, but now such a device as an electronic reader quite a can handle it. Well, let’s go back to the results of the experiment and learn how to behave these gadgets in the harsh realities of Russian schools. After all students – it’s still children, and they are not always protective of the things…,,,,
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